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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Who Killed The SuperBowl?

I've never seen such a horrid SuperBowl game and related atmosphere in my life. In the first half the officiating crew sucked. I can't think of any other word to describe it. The officiating was so blatently titled for the Steelers I couldn't believe it. Seattle should have gotten that touchdown in the end zone, but they were called for pushing off. That was a tap at best and hardly flagrant. Pittsburgh didn't get into the end zone as near as I can tell. It was close, really close, but the tip of the ball didn't hit the front of the end zone line. In the third quarter the Hassleback wasn't going for a tackle and just blocked was bogus.

Going into the game I didn't really care who won the game, but after that first half of blown calls, no calls, and watching every Steeler hold the Lombardi Trophy in black & white photos and I wanted to gag! Come on NFL show some equal time between both teams. The third quarter had three Lombardi pictures with the Seahawks and that was it.

Pittsburgh played a great second half. Don't get me wrong, but they shouldn't have been up by 10 points. It should have been a 3 point game or maybe a tied game. Seattle's kicker didn't help them at all. I have no idea how Mike Holgram was managing the clock near the end of both halves. Seattle looked lost the last 2 minutes of both halves.

Speaking of a horrible atmosphere, I blame the dot com companies, Boobgate, and the Christian Coalition for killing the ads and the halftime show. Let's be honest, the Rolling Stones were awful! They were so flat it was painful to watch. No more old British acts for our halftime shows. If we must get a British act make them younger than the number of the Superbowl. Since the Superbowl is an American phenomenia can't get get a worthy American band to perform? Thanks to Boobgate women have been banned from halftime shows so it must be a male group. I'm thinking Metallica. For a SuperTestosterone football game we need an equivalent band. Or Chuck Norris and David Carridene can have a kung-fu extravaganza during halftime.

The ads were incredibly lame. Most had no bite to them at all. Aside from Budweiser few were memorable in any way. Our advertising culture is in such shock from Boobgate and farting horses they retreated into too much of a safe skit mindset. Madison Avenue, here's a hint for you: you don't have to be gross, but you can be creative and funny. Worst ad by far was the Burger King Whopperette ad. Oh...My...God...that was a train wreck to watch.

Before I forget, who on the Seahawks side suggested the song for them running onto the field be the lackadasical temposed "Bittersweet Memories?" I'm convinced ABC was going for the figure skating crowd watching ESPN.

And now for some final thoughts and the all-important quotes of the night.
*spelling optional at the moment*

*Upon finding Worst Sports show on Spike TV before kickoff.*
"Wow 100 channels on cable and this is the best thing on."

"They got Aaron Nevelle to sing the National Anthem. Great this will take 10 minutes."

"Whoa, I think Aretha Franklin ate Mariah Carey."
"You can only hope that."
"I'm so blogging that."

"Yeah Aretha won't be doing a Blue Brothers movie anytime soon."
"At least no with her standing on the counter."

*deep rumbling sound and floor vibrating*
"Was that the sump pump? Please tell me that was the sump pump!"

"Your chili."
"Your ass!"
"Actually no it wasn't."

*during the halftime show*
"No Keith please keep your shirt on."
"Yeah the only one we want clothed more than you is Aretha."

"That isn't a can of beer that is a sample!"

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