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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Do You Have Any Interview Tips?

No I haven't been granted a job interview yet. *grumble* I'm just thinking ahead. I don't interview well. Neither do I interview often. It is a skill and one that, with practice, can be improved. My last job interview of any consequence was four and a half years ago. It didn't go well. I certainly wasn't enthusiastic about going back to the job I was burned out from and laid off from for worse hours and less money. The interview happened the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 so the interviewer wasn't really into the interview either. I assume he chalked up my unimpressive interview with the fact everyone was in shock.

I'm hoping another disaster won't occur on any days I interview. That still leaves me with with the unimpressive interview style. Part of my problem is I don't stand for BS. Please don't huff and puff up a job. Just tell me what it is like, what is expected of me, what the culture of the place is like, what sort of support system is available, benefits packages, and the salary. Just the facts please is my style.

I'm afraid I won't know enough about a employer or the area(s) of law they practice to ask intelligent questions. I'm sending out resumes to almost every want ad I see in the area. I gave up on finding the perfect job a long time ago. Now I'm looking for any job. Luckily substitute teacher allows me the option of not robbing banks so I'm not completely desperate. The attorneys interviewing a inexperienced lawyer (me) should be smart enough to know that I'm not going to be familiar with everything. Yet to be honest many areas of the law I only know about through one class in bar review. Hardly a position of strength there.

This entire experience is tiring. It wouldn't be so bad if some progress occurred. Yet I'm in the same position now as I was 3 months ago. This is something the law school brochures and books did not cover. I wish someone had told me the spring semester of my second year to just start looking for a job. Get some experience before leaving school. Hell maybe even be employed by them.

If you're still a student I don't mean to scare you, but you might want to pay attention to my mistakes.

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