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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons.

I hate that phrase. I understand the spirit about it. I simply find the phrase quaint. However I'll try to apply the spirit of the phrase to what happened. I had big plans for Friday night. I had been looking forward to those plans all week. In some ways I've been looking forward to these plans for several months. Yet once again, for the third time, due to events beyond my control those plans were cancelled. AGAIN! Though understanding of the situation because it wasn't anyone's fault I wasn't happy. Okay I'm still not happy.

I tried to make the best out of a bad situation so I'll tell you what I ended up doing Friday.
  • I took a nap. Thanks to antibiotics I'm feeling much better, but I've been needing naps all week. Fighting bronchitis is a bitch.
  • I had dinner with the parental units. I got to see how sick my own father was. I did get to eat free pizza so I consider this mission accomplished.
  • Play with the dog. Who doesn't like playing with the dog?
  • Watch the entire SciFi-Friday. Who can resist the cheesy dialouge and explosions of both Stargate series? Battlestar Galactica is simply the best drama on television currently. Who knew Apollo could be a badass?
Yes my personal life sure is exciting. A nap, free pizza, dog play, and cable TV is the highlight of my existence for a Friday night. Yes, my life is truly pathetic.

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