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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Must Resist Fist Of Death.

*Deep sigh* Yet another reason why I believe my law school is a third rate institution. I wanted to go to our online job board to see if anything new posted. The board had a new look to it. I entered my User ID and password, then selected some new button labeled "Alumni Job Seeker." To my shock I logged into something. I was at a registration screen of some kind. Why is this screen required? If I logged in I must be registered. I entered in my name, email address, and other required fields. I hit some submit button and got a happy message that I'll get an email within the next 3 days.

3 days?!?!

I want to see any job openings NOW! Does anyone else get the feeling that some of us get jobs in spite of the Office of Professional Development? Assuming any of us get jobs in the first place. What a shame I mailed back my "Do you have a job after 6 months Survey." In the comments field I could have left something interesting. I already checked the Not Employed Looking For Work option. I almost put in the comments field, "I went to law school and passed the bar to be a substitute teacher???" I almost put that. Perhaps I should have checked employed, but substitute teaching doesn't feel like employment to me. I'm so underutilized at the high school I'm thinking about going back to the middle schools.

DrunkenIrishMan was in town Saturday. I only got to see him for about 20 minutes, but he assured me to just keep on plugging along. He enjoys small firm life.

Oh well I haven't applied to the ads I found last week. Given my cold/flu I didn't want to type up any cover letters/emails at all. I'll work on that tomorrow. I may go to a clinic if I don't shake this annoying cough. Okay I'm just rambling at this point. Why am I so tired now?

EDIT 1-23-2006:
Less than 24 hours later I've been approved. One new job is in on the job board. Eh, whatever.

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