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Monday, January 16, 2006


An analysis of the Colts-Steelers game: FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a waste! We earned it all and it was wasted. A 14-2 regular season record, a first round bye, home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and the team came out jittery and uncoordinated. Peyton's first few drives 3 and outs made me think we should load him up on a double shot of scotch to calm him down. His passes were wide, and I have no idea what routes the receivers ran. I think the penalty for off-sides should be renamed "Tarik Glenn." How do you commit an off-sides at HOME Tarik! Off-sides KILLS offensive drives.

As for the officiating crew, were they the Sunbelt Conference crew that officiated the Alamo Bowl between Michigan-Nebraska? Bad calls and no calls were the rule, not the exception with this crew. We needed Ed Hochuli for this game.

It was nice for the Colts defense to show up after the first 2 touchdown drives. Once they started to play the fans were hoping a Boy Scout with a compass could bring the lost offense out of the wilderness. Nick Harper had a great game considering his wife knifed his knee Saturday. How he was playing I have no idea. OTOH this defense couldn't stop the Steelers when the went into run-mode. "We'll surrender 4th down by 3 inches all day long," was the motto.

Mike Vanderjagt, the most accurate place kicker in NFL history. He could save the game with a 46-yard attempt at that last minute by sending the Blue into overtime. All could be forgiven if the game went into overtime. That ball was so wide right it disappeared off my TV screen.


I went through the 3-13 season. I went through 15 years of mediocrity. This was the team that had it all, an explosive offense that can has too many weapons to defend, with a top level defense capable of stopping the opposition when it matted most. This team just threw it all away. A few weeks ago we discussed what needs to be addressed at the draft and we didn't see any obvious needs. Now I'm thinking offensive linemen and a secondary.

What a waste.

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