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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Delurk Or Else.

Pic via Paper Napkin.

To "lurk" is to visit an online place (chatroom, web board, blog, etc) and not participate. Lurking isn't bad as you get a feel for the place before you comment. However someone made up National Delurking Week. Had I known about this Sunday it would have been more useful. Oh well.

Here's the point. If you visit Confessions please leave a comment. Just say hello. Leave a critique if you want. Post an idea for a topic. I love reader comments and ideas. I get near 80 visits a day. Once you factor out the Google searches for picture I'm sure 15 or so are real people. I need to email Google to get out of the caches. Add in the people who read me via Bloglines I might have 25 people a day visit me. Who are you? Are you old friends? Are you former classmates? Are you some random person who wondered down the virtual highway to here?

Regardless I need something to post about and hopefully your comments will give me good material to work with. I have ideas to post about, but I simply blogging apathetic right now. Perhaps your creative energy will spark my creative energy. So please delurk and leave a comment. Don't let them win.

Concept found at E. McPan's house.

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