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Monday, January 09, 2006

Getting Rid Of School & Going Back Again.

This time as a teacher, not as a student. Three weeks off and I didn't even accomplish cleaning my place completely. Some of it was accomplished, but the dreaded living room looks barely touched. The family room and kitchen look not too shabby though. The upstairs...we're not going to mention upstairs.

At least I applied to a whopping 3 legal jobs this weekend. Perhaps someone will call in for an interview soon. The holidays are over and new budgets are known so no more excuses please.

In other oddly law school related news I finally deleted and reinstalled Windows on my poor old laptop. With over 3 years of junk removed it boots up fairly quickly now for a 800 MHz Centrino. I transferred my old notes, email address book, and pictures to my desktop. All that old email is deleted, but certainly don't need it anymore. Why keep email from a school I graduated from? I had the laptop "auto-learn" both batteries. Suddenly I have about 20 - 30% more capacity in them. Batteries often get used to a partial charge and believe they are fully charged. It took all day to get both batteries to unlearn and get fully charged, but it needed to be done. I wish I had performed this a year ago.

What am I talking about I've barely touched my laptop since I graduated! I need to clean and organize my desktop computer. Perhaps a job for next week.

I threw out my daily planner from last year. For 3 years I had everything written into those daily planners. I barely touched it since July. The lack of handwritten notes in the back half of the book was amazing to see. I hope I'll need a new one soon to keep track of things. Right now my life is very simple and unscheduled. It drives me nuts.

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