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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Endings Are Often Beginnings

If I had time I would give you some predictions for 2006. Some would be funny and some would be serious. I don't want to waste the time on that. I don't want to do a year in review. Hell look through my archives if you're that interested.

Instead you'll get some of my final thoughts a'la Jerry Springer.

2005 didn't turn out to be the super fantastic year I hoped for, but it sure kicked 2004's ass.
Highlights include:
  • Finishing the Mini-Marathon. To say I "ran" the Mini is a serious misnomer. I endured one bad foot for 10 miles and almost crawled across the finish line, but I did finish 13.1 miles of fun.
  • Graduating law school. It isn't as cool as being a Navy SEAL, but not everyone graduates law school so I feel some pride in that accomplishment. I survived the most screwed up 3 years of my life.
  • Took and passed the Bar Exam. After enduring a crappy summer of studying I'm extremely pleased I don't have to do it again.
  • Being a substitute teacher. I bet this one shocked you. I don't like many things about being a substitute teacher, but I've learned so many things. The education of our children is one of the most important things our society does. We do it very poorly and it explains for many things. Instead of dumbing things down and accepting mediocrity we should raise our expectations of children. Instead of giving nearly unlimited freedom and having them waste it, we should be more controlling and give them freedom they've earned. When you earn something you understand and appreciate it better. Everyone is a teacher and has a chance to teach others. The question becomes are you teaching good lessons or bad lessons?
For 2006 I would like the following:
  • A real legal job with decent, preferably somewhat above average, pay. I'm only slightly greedy. It would be nice to make use of the education I've obtained and see if I'm any good at it.
  • A real vacation. I have plenty of free time, but few means to make use of such free time. I want to travel and relax somewhere. While studying in Europe for a summer was fun, it was more a working vacation. I haven't had a vacation since 2001. I still want to kayak the San Juan islands, hike in the Olympic peninsula, see Crater Lake, explore Puerto Rico or Ireland, or even see what those Canadians are doing. The world is a big place and I have limited time on it. I need to see as much as possible.
  • Work on a personal relationship with a woman. Can I avoid the "psychowomen with past issues so damaging they destroy me out of reflex" this time? I'll admit this one is iffy on so many levels. On the other hand if I get back into salsa dancing perhaps my odds will improve.
  • Purchase and renovate an old house. I'll admit this one is iffy as well so perhaps I'll pencil this one into 2007.
  • Get into a community band. I miss playing music.
  • Purchase a replacement for the Mighty Green Ranger. This is iffy as well for numerous reasons so it might be shoved into 2007 as well. As long as I can say I'm working on the down payment I'll say it is progress.
  • See a few movies at the local art house.
  • Meet another blogger or two. Place some faces and names to the online personas.
  • Remember to write some meaningful posts this year. My writing quality as gone downhill the last 6 months or so and I resolve to stop writing so much rubbish. I am a good writer and I want you, my audience, to think sometimes after reading my words.
  • Attend a few more public meetings on topics of note. I WILL educate the change-adverse public on why a elevated rail system is so vital to our region.
  • Attend a motorcycle rider education class and hopefully purchase a good cruiser. I'm willing to endure the MGR another year if I can get a Yamaha VStar 650 to look cool on. Besides, chicks dig bikes.
Wow, that is quite a list. I hope I can accomplish most of them. Some goals shouldn't be very difficult. Others might be near impossible to achieve. Yet nothing worth doing is ever easy.

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