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Friday, December 30, 2005

Stupid Criminal Tricks

I LOVE this one. In Billings, Montana a burglar stole some coins and other household goods from a house. To cover his tracks the burglar decided to commit arson as well. While setting fire to the house he died of smoke inhalation. Firefighters pulled his body out of the raging inferno when they arrived. I would like to thank this idiot for taking himself out of the criminal justice system.

Courtesy of Lawgeekgurl, 2 years ago as a college freshman a student decided to fill three condoms with flour. She proceeded to go through airport security. Stratch that, she attempted to go through airport security before heading home for Christmas break. The field test showed the material was drugs. Despite her protests, she was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. She was released from jail 3 weeks later when the lab test showed the "drugs" was actually flour. CSI to the rescue!

Thanks to a 2 year statute of limitations the now college junior "filed a federal lawsuit last week against city police, seeking damages for pain and suffering, financial loss, and emotional distress." Financial loss??? You're a college student. How much money could you really earn in 3 weeks of Christmas break? As for emotional distress you were incredibly stupid and brought it on yourself. After terrorists and bombs the worse thing you can joke about in an airport is drugs! "I'm amazed at how naive I was."

Here's your free legal advise: you're going to lose your lawsuit.

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