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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Where Should We Go Caroling?


We're doing Bone-Bass caroling again next week. No upper brass or woodwinds need apply. We're still debating where we wish to perform. Who wants us to visit their neighborhood or do you have other ideas? Send your ideas in email or comments.

Time to get the lips back in shape and jury-rig a strap to the horn. Oh do I still have those battery operated Christmas lights? I'm sure I have some tinsel somewhere I can tape to the horn.

We'll vote when everyone arrives, but I'm thinking of Broad Ripple and Downtown. I'm also thinking of a few historic neighborhoods near downtown. Normally a trip to a college campus is required, but Butler is closed so no hot chocolate from sororities for us. Bummer. I'm all about the hot chocolate when playing.

Would you like us to play for you on Wednesday?

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