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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Big Game. So Much For Going Undefeated.

Down 13-0 at halftime! I can accept that San Diego might have a higher score at halftime, but why do the Colts look like crap the first half? Early in the game why go for a touchdown at the 1 yard line when it is 4th and 1? Just get the freebie field goal. This team looks confused for some reason.

Signs of life returned to the Colts offense thanks to Drew Brees turning over the ball a few times. I'm amazed that the offensive juggernaut couldn't sustain a few drives. Why is right tackle, Ryan Diem, looking like ass for the second game in a row? Great now he's hurt. This offensive line suddenly have more holes than swiss cheese and Payton keeps getting sacked.

Peyton's interception in the 4th quarter sealed the deal. Suddenly that don't take the gimme field goal play haunts them. Had they made that field goal, the Colts would be down only one score and Payton could have took his time. Instead he rushed things and threw an interception in the end zone. You always take the points unless you have to play risky.

Oh well at least some pressure is off the team for an undefeated season. Play them enough to keep in game shape, but rest them enough so the backups get some quality time. No need for any more injuries. Somebody figure out what needs to be done with the offensive line please.

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