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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Tilting Christmas Tree On A TV Tray.

I wanted to be happy and festive so I decided to put up the Christmas tree. Instead of putting it in the living room where I'm not at very often (or on the computer), I decided to place it in the family room where the TV and stereo are. If I'm not busy cleaning or goofing off on the computer I'll be on the futon reading, listening to music, or watching TV. Now I can see the Christmas tree.

My mom bought the tree for my bedroom when I was a kid. I've had it for around a quarter century if not longer. It is about 2 steps above the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in quality. Since the tree is 3' tall I put it on a TV tray so I can see it. I'm sure that just offended someone. A Charlie Brown Christmas was playing jazz in the background. I didn't put all of the ornaments on because the tree simply isn't that big, but ornaments, one strand of lights, and 6' of gold garland isn't too shabby I believe. The top of the tree is bent 40 degrees to the right so my tree topper is tipsy. I'm not worried about the topper because it is two pieces of gold spraypainted, orange colored construction paper taped together in the shape of a star. I remember making it as a kid and being so proud. I see no reason to replace the topper as the tree is only 3' tall and would tip over if I got a real topper.

It isn't the prettiest tree in the world, but it'll get the job done. Kinda like me. Santa can put plenty of gifts underneath the TV tray :-)

EDIT: Okay I'll be placing the first gifts under the Christmas tree. Via the miricle of online shopping I've found one of the gifts I need. Hopefully I can find the rest soon. I'm glad I don't have many people to shop for.

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