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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Write Your ENTIRE Job History.

I had an application for a part time job to supplement the current job. The students are on Winter Break in 2 weeks so I need the extra job. I swear that filling out applications for non-legal jobs is far more complicated than filling one out for a legal job (at least initially).

For jobs in the field they usually request a cover letter, resume, and possibly one other form or a writing sample. Luckily I have two or three want ads that I'll work on when I get home tonight.

For non-legal jobs I got to fill out the 5 page application. On page 2 was the section on previous employment with the command to write your entire job history. They provide space for three jobs and ask you put other job on a separate piece of paper. I didn't bother with pre-college graduation jobs (yes I ignored the instructions). Not counting contract assignments I've had SEVEN different employers at six different places since I graduated college. If you count job assignments that number goes up to ten. I don't think this form was meant for people like me. $10/hour is serious money though so I'm willing to go the extra mile.

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