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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Questions For The Real World Attorneys

Aside from this woefully underpaying substitute teaching gig, I'm jobless. I'm licensed to practice law, but at this point I think I've forgotten what a complaint is. The Supreme Court is that really high court that dislikes settling cases right? My point is I need to be in the field I've worked nearly 5 years to get into.

Very few want ads exist in the area I wish to practice in. While want ads in general are rare I'm at the point now that I wonder if I should start answering any ad I think I'm qualified for. I was hoping to be in a field I liked. One reason I quit computers was I hated doing the job I was doing. I was bored beyond belief by continuously doing helpdesk. I may have to suck it up yet again to just finally have a job that will pay the bills.

Yet I'm keep hearing lawgeekgurl's words, "Your first job kinda defines you." Perhaps I shouldn't care about that. I tend to redefine myself every few years anyway. When you look at ye olde resume you see I had job growth all over the map. I should expect to transfer into a different area of law in a few years anyway. No job lasts forever. At least at that point I'll have some legal experience to work with.

Should I start looking into paralegal jobs? I hope I'm at least qualified for those, though I'm not certain what a paralegal actually does. Research legal issues, write things for attorneys, and general clerical duties? Sounds like law school, but I get paid instead of the other way around. Would an employer even interview me? Would they think I want to bail at the first sign of a job more appropriate for my degree? Don't translate the above as me saying I'm better than others. I'm not. When something needs to be done I'm a firm believer in the all hands on deck model. You do plenty of things on the job that might not be on the job description. Yet I went to law school to practice law or be in a job where a legal mindset is appreciated. I certainly believe I could do paralegal work, but would anyone give me a chance?

I need to see the day to day real world of lawyers. I need to see it soon.

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