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Monday, December 05, 2005

Those Geeks Just Don't Understand Football.

"So you're telling me the same people who came up with the screwball BCS formula likely came up with the quarterback ratings."

Any scale where the maximum rating is something like 158.3 (or is it 153.8?) is messed up. How hard would it be to fix that scale to 100? The perfect quarterback in a game would max out at 100. That makes sense to me.

At least USC and Texas will meet for the national championship in the Rose Bowl. That part of the BCS formula works. The 2 best teams play for the national championship. The rest of the system is screwed up. This hypo doesn't work this year since the big game is at the Rose Bowl itself, but in off years if the Rose Bowl wanted the Big 10 winning team (say Penn State this year) and couldn't match up with the PAC 10 winner (USC because they're going to the national championship game) then why can't the Rose Bowl select the next best PAC 10 team? Instead the sixth ranked 10-1 Oregon is going to the Holiday Bowl. No disrespect to the fine people who run the Holiday Bowl, but it isn't one of the premier bowls and everyone knows that. These At-Large bids need to go. Would it be so hard to have the other bowls stick to their traditional matchups and simply rotate the national championship among the 4 big bowls?

As a fan I believe most people would go for that. What do you think?

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