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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Send Some Positive Vibes Please.

When I have a bad day I need to remind myself that things can be worse. For example I had the perfect car accident. Aside from a trashed bumper and a bump to my incredibly hard armored head the Ranger and myself were fine. Sadly the most fantabulous Lady L didn't have the perfect crash. When the phone conversation starts with, "Well I'm out of the hospital now..." you know it isn't a good day. I'm very thankful she's okay aside from some bruising and scrapes. The airbags did the job they were designed for. (As an aside when shopping for a new vehicle I highly encourage you get the side airbag option if available and Anti-Lock Brakes.) As for her chariot even my skill with a wrench won't get the job done. Cars can be replaced (and I've already made some recommendations), people can't.

Even though the Lady L should be okay in a few days could you send any spare positive vibes you have her way. I'm sure she would appreciate it. Thanks.

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