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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Day After Thanksgiving

Raise your hand if you woke up this morning and was not hungry at all.

Some people had to wake up early to shop with the frenzied masses. I, on the other hand, woke up at 6 and decided to keep on sleeping. I woke up at 8 and decided to keep on sleeping. At 9 I decided I should get up. Nice knowing you don't have to be anywhere on a holiday weekend eh? Besides it was 15 degrees with near 0 degree wind chill. The blankets were much warmer!

Something odd happened this holiday: I enjoyed it for the most part. It was good to see the 80 + year old grandparents who are in decent shape. They want to head back to much warmer Florida soon. I'm thinking they'll stay after Christmas. Most of the relatives that annoy me were elsewhere this year. The few that showed up tended to be quiet or in another room.

Mom decided to show me off like a 3rd grade show n'tell project. "My son, the lawyer..." Geez Mom! I even gave real legal advice, "You'll want to consult an experienced trust attorney for that type of asset protection." The key to being a newbie lawyer is remembering that you are minimally competent and able to resist the urge to show off.

Time to work on a few cover letters and get them mailed out. I hope I can find an office supply store that IS NOT located near a mall today.

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