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Friday, November 18, 2005

Is This A Legal Cause Of Action?

I didn't get a chance to post this after it happened, but not too long ago I had to search for a diaper changing station. The Lady L wanted to change a cutie's little stinky deposit. The Q'Doba we had brunch at didn't have a diaper changing station in their bathroom. This did not please The Lady L and she filled out a comment card at staff's direction.

The little strip mall we were at didn't have many stores open yet so I walked across the parking lot to Taco Bell. Having consumed many a chalupa at this store over the past few years I didn't recall seeing one in the men's room, but maybe the ladies' room would have one. None in the men's room, and I insisted The Lady L check the other bathroom for herself. No need for a perfect stranger to call me a perv. No luck in the women's room sadly.

"Can I sue someone for not having a diaper changing station?" asked an exasperated Lady L.

I had to think about that. You can sue anyone for anything. The real question is can you win. My mind full of legal powers thought the better course of action would be to change building codes. Any public place where children are expected should have a diaper changing station. Thus nightclubs, bars, and more adult oriented places would be exempted. I'm sure a good public health argument can be made for providing sanitary places to change unsanitary diapers. Given these stations mount on a wall and don't take up much space it isn't an undue burden on siteowners.

The Lady L asked me to get right on that problem. What am I working for free now?

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