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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Great Tatter Experiment

With the Thanksgiving Extravaganza coming soon I decided to make mashed potatoes again. I hoped to make something up, but mashed potatoes are always in demand. Normally I simply used a large box of potato flakes to make the dish, but this year I wanted to make real mashed potatoes.

I later found out that everyone thought my old mashed potatoes sucked. Just because everyone finally has a job and some money suddenly we want quality?!?! Lucky for them I wanted to make quality this year.

Here's the problem: how do I make a large batch of homemade actual mashed potatoes? Normally I bake a potato and if I mash it on the plate I have my mashed potatoes. Luckily you just cut up some potatoes, boil them, drain, add some milk and butter, then mash them! Add whatever spices you want at the same time. Simple in concept, but you still need to practice.

The keys are a limited supply of milk and plenty of garlic. I had garlic salt, garlic & herbs (no salt), and minced garlic. No such thing as too much garlic IMHO. After a few days I have it figured out for 3 potatoes. Now I just need to figure it out for a 5lb bag or maybe two 5lb bags. I shall master the homemade mashed potato. I shall not have leftovers this Thanksgiving Extravaganza.

Who wants to make the gravy?

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