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Friday, November 11, 2005

So Dinner Was Interesting.

I finally meet a fellow blogger who wasn't school related. LawGeekGurl is as fabulous in person as she is online. I'm glad you were in town for a day or two LGG. Good luck on smiting the liar.

Anyway if you're going to have a good dinner somewhere the Rathskeller is always a fabulous place to go. Good beer and good food, what more do you want? I simply wish our meal didn't have so many hiccups. I was running late due to traffic (but I called to let LGG know that). I tripped on the table leg and managed to knock over her not quite finished beer. Luckily it fell into a drain on the wall. The Reichschancellor was even there.

However on my personal Wall of Weird, nothing can top the good night kiss. No, LawGeekGurl didn't kiss me, though she is single and hot gentlemen so if you're interested give her a call. No, I get kissed by the Reichschancellor's boss while having a nice conversation with LGG. I'm betting alcohol and/or a bet was involved.

I'm not certain I can tell the entire story, but shock and awe was involved. This ranks up there with falling into an ocean. Some people believe I lie or exaggerate when telling some stories. Oh no, the weird stuff in my life actually does happen.

I think I'm a weird magnet.

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