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Sunday, November 20, 2005


I spent 2 hours chopping up 7 lbs of potatoes into 1/4 to 1/2" cubes. The small size allowed them to boil easily and my new masher was great. I demand MAXIMUM POTATO MASHING POWER! $4 for a nylon masher by Revere is a good buy in my book. For next year I either need to either create larger cubes for less cutting time or chop it all up the night before.

I had LOTS of garlic and butter mixed in. I was ready for the Thanksgiving Extravaganza. With around 50 people coming I figured my bowl would be empty since I was bringing the good stuff instead of a box of flakes.

For a gathering this large you need to have multiple people bring the same dishes in order to have the basics covered. At least 2 people brought stuffing, multiple desserts, and at least 3 people brought mashed potatoes in addition to one sweet potato dish I saw (oh that one was so good). Unfortunately BiggMann brought 20lbs of mashed potatoes. Mine was barely touched because everyone was full.

I can accept in years past where my food wasn't touched because it wasn't good. This year I'm thwarted by excess production. Strangely enough the experience reminded me of law school: no matter what actions you take it doesn't matter.

At least I saw numerous friends, a local newscaster, 2 good football games on TV (go Colts!), and even wished the CAG a happy birthday today. Overall a good experience. Would anyone like some mashed potatoes?

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