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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Rivalry Week: Oaken Bucket Edition

Rivalry Week: the best time of year. Far too many rivals play this week on the gridiron to note, but I'll highlight a few good games.

If you're an SEC fan then Auburn-Alabama in the Iron Bowl will be good. The SEC's top offense meets their top defense. I think I have one or two 'Bama fans here.

The Big 10 features the cataclsymic Michigan-Ohio State game at Michigan. Largest football stadium in the world with over 110,000 screaming fans. I'm sorry Citations, but I have a bad feeling about your Wolverines. Michigan has improved these last few games, but this might be the first 4 loss Wolverine team in a few years.

For me the Number #1 game will be the Oaken Bucket clash between Purdue-Indiana in Bloomington. Sadly both teams are playing for pride as both are 4-6 and unable to go bowling. I'm heading south towards enemy territory for the first time in 4 years. I'm hoping for a win, but am highly concerned. Those pesky Indiana Hoosiers have taken a step up. The Boilermakers took a large step backwards this season. I still believe Purdue is a rung higher on the Big 10 ladder, but IU is good enough this year to capitalize on our mistakes. With luck things will be okay and I can shut down for the college football season.

Go Boilers!

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