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Monday, January 02, 2006

Quit Whining About The Rain On Your Parade.

Given the amount of news coverage on the rain at the Rose Bowl parade you would think it was a catastrophic monsoon. So it hasn't rained on the parade in over 50 years. So what? This is known as a rain shower. They are fairly common in the Midwest. The only reason this is news and freaking out the people in Southern California is the fact they aren't used to water falling from the sky. Have you been in Los Angeles during a rain storm. Drivers go nuts and forget how to drive. Los Angeles is a desert. The only reason the city exists is because they steal half the water from the Colorado River and ship to their parched landscape.

What has been even more annoying is when you see the people on TV discussing their displeasure at the rain they appear to have the mentality of a god-given right to a sunny parade. Being in a parade during the rain isn't fun, but you can deal with it. I've marched in many a rainstorm. You just deal with it.

Now that is has rained on the parade we can stop hearing the useless stat of it not raining there for 50 years.

As for the Rose Bowl itself: Go Texas!

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