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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

On A Sidenote...

What moronic TV executive decided to put a new episode of Surface against the Fiesta bowl? Aside from Ohio State's turnovers and inability to protect the punter from being blocked, it was a beautiful thing to see Notre Dame get their butt handed to them in yet another bowl it didn't deserve to be in. Yes Notre Dame won 9 games, but every victory they had was against teams that ended up with a minimum of 4 losses. They didn't deserve to be ranked 5th in the BCS.

The CAG called yesterday afternoon. She asked which team I would root for. I explained the rule stating you go with the Big 10 team in non-conference play. In a bowl game I will always root for Ohio State. One other thing it was nice to be right with her.

Me: I'm tired of Notre Dame always claiming they should be in the national championship hunt.
CAG: Oh like Ohio State is any better. When was the last time they were national champions?
Me: 3 years ago when they beat Miami in the Fiesta Bowl.
CAG: *Silence*

I'm still glad we don't play Ohio State next year. No need for my beloved Boilermakers to get their asses handed to them.

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