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Friday, January 20, 2006

Confessions Poll: Daylight Saving Time In Indiana

Given all the squawk about Indiana finally observing DST and the Dept of Transportation allowing 8 more counties to switch from Eastern Time Zone to Central, you would think all hell has broken loose. Time for a poll then is what I'm thinking.

Concerning Daylight Saving Time Hoosiers are:
1. About to join the mid-20th Century.
2. Willfully obtuse.
3. Just plain stubborn.
4. Resistant to change.
5. Onto something here.
6. Moo!

Maybe one day I'll properly discuss DST, but right now the Anti-DST Cow Army** is mustering near Muncie and Bloomington for a full two pronged assault on the State Capitol. Obi-Wan Daniels you're our only hope now. Time to break out the samurai swords.*

* Gov. Daniels received several samurai swords on a recent trade trip to Japan.
** Way back in the past the reason the state didn't adopt DST was because someone said it would disrupt the cows. It didn't affect Wisconsin is my retort.

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