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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Confessions Poll: Does Chloe Die Next Week?

While I was in France Smallville was one of the few things on TV that I could follow. A nice little bit of Americana in the land of wine and cheese. I never bothered to watch the show before, but the plot is so simple I could follow along with French dubbing. Normally I prefer good plot or witty dialogue, but this proves I can go mindless with the best of them. Besides it was fun to watch Clark Kent discover new superpowers.

For the 100th episode next week we know SOMEONE MUST DIE! The question becomes who bite the dust. Let's go through the list.

Clark Kent - NO WAY! He becomes Superman later. Besides, his father said someone close to him must pay the price for his coming back to life. That's what you get for dying earlier in the season.

Lana Lang - NOPE! Redhead are nothing but trouble. However we know Miss Lang is alive in well with in the comic books. The TV show tries to mess with the general mythos as little as possible.

Lex Luthor - NADA! The arch-nemesis must live to become the superevil Lex we know and loathe.

Lionel Luthor - NYET! Lionel isn't close to Clark. His death wouldn't affect Clark at all. Although would Lex even shed a tear if dear old dad died?

Martha Kent - BAH! Ma Kent is alive in the mythos so she lives.

Jonathon Kent - This one is actually tricky. If you go with the past 20 years or so of comic books Pa Kent is alive and well. Not likely to die on Smallville. However, before Superman was revamped in the comics in the mid 1980s Pa Kent's death was something that motivated a young Clark to become Superman. You see this in the original Superman movie. Add to this the potential mess the new upcoming Superman Returns movie could generate and this has deathtrap written all over it. Jonathon Kent dying before his election to the State Senate. That would be DRAMA! The writers of Smallville aren't that good. Besides you can't keep a Duke boy down.

Lois Lane - NO WAY IN HELL! You know nothing is ever going to happen to Miss Lane. She has to marry Superman eventually.

Chloe Sullivan - Originally the Lois Lane type character until the chessy writers decided to bring in Lois Lane herself. Sadly with the addition of yet another female lead character our crusading blond news reporter got left out of more and more espisodes. Chloe knows Clark is an alien and has superpowers. They have a good support system going. The support system must go. For a boy to become an All-American superhero he needs to know pain. Killing his best friend who secretly loves him will be painful. I'm going to miss
Allison Mack. I thought she was a decent actress.

Maybe the WB can get UPN's permission and have
Kristen Bell play Veronica Mars on Smallville to solve the mystery of Chloe's death. Can she bring a few VM writers. They're much better. A blond must stay!

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