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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good Morning Mr. Buttafuco.

I'll admit I didn't anticipate this one. The last time a high school junior flirted with me I was in college. Back then it was a good feeling. Today it creeped me out a bit. When I was only 3 or 4 years older it was fine to have a pretty young thing flirt with me. When she's around half my age the Danger Will Robinson signs flail away!

First I loudly proclaim I didn't encourage this at all. I'm just going over the worksheet. Afterwards the class is working on a computer assignment. It was an advanced class so several students finished early. I like to chat with the advanced classes as they're very interesting kids. She's fascinated with me. We just talk about various class subjects. She's hoping to study in Germany next year so we talk about what I've seen there. Then she asked some what I thought were harmless personal questions: how long had I been teaching, what school did I go to, what was law school like, was I married. After a few minutes I'm noticing the awkward smile and giggle that many women do when they're interested in someone but not wanting to let the other person know they're interested in them.

I had two conflicting thoughts at that point. One, oh please I don't need this situation. Two, I'm rather flattered to be honest. An tall, intelligent woman with a sense of humor and cute smile was interested in me as a guy. Why couldn't she be a few years older?

Then to seal my suspicion she came to me during my lunchroom supervision duty. I think it was my power tie. Just my personal opinion.

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