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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This Property Pending.

*grrrrrrrr* I really hate that phrase. I love urban revitalization. Old neighborhoods filled with vacant and boarded up houses. Watching people buy them and rehab those old bones. The process of bringing life to decaying inner city neighborhoods is beautiful. I see several houses I would love to have. I simply need a job to finally become a homeowner. Renovation isn't for the faint of heart, but I'm willing to do as much of the work myself that I can. I can create life from a dead house in an up and coming neighborhood.

Except other people are buying the houses I want! One ugly purple Queen Anne was covered in vines. I was incredibly disappointed last fall when I saw workmen cleaning up the place. I didn't know it was even for sale. Though depressing to see the old home not be my project I was happy to see it reclaimed from the urban graveyard. The cut lawn, new paint, repaired clapboards, and windows look great. I hope the inside is as well done. The stud walls were blank canvases to be painted upon.

Yet a nice Tudor Revival was just down the street. It was gutted, some of the brick had fallen, the porch roof needed some work. Yet so much potential existed. The Tudor could be a fantastic large home. The realtor sign had me worried, yet many similar houses in this neighborhood had been for sale for a long time. Perhaps it would scare off many people. The outside looked too decent though. I check the realtors website and see "This Property Pending." *sigh* Maybe the sale will fall apart, you never know.

I need that real job now! How many old houses will still be around when I'm finally ready to buy?

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