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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ohhhhhh, But I Wanted A Shark With Lasers!

They used to mock the Star Trek geeks that wanted phasers. The last laugh is coming from the geeks because the American military is working on directed energy weapons that can stun people.

The article gives an excellent explanation on how serious this research is. Many of the scientists believe it could be deployed in Iraq by next year if they had the funding. Some of the lines are great though:
  • ... including a highly touted microwave-energy blaster that makes targets feel as if their skin is on fire.
  • The sensation is certain to get people to halt whatever they are doing.
  • Basically, it fires a bolt of lightning. It can be tuned to blow up explosives, possibly to stop vehicles and certainly to buzz people.
You know, this sounds more like fraternity hazing more than anything else.

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