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Monday, July 11, 2005

It's All About The Infrastructure

The bar review task for the day is a mock Multistate Bar Exam. 200 m/c questions over 6 hours is fun, fun, fun. Today is the last day for the Indy Bar Association review. I believe my classmates at BarBri are on a similar schedule.

Here is the good thing for today (besides the end of one type of class), we will not have lines for the restrooms during breaks! Here's the odd thing. It is usually a line for the men's restroom. Regardless of gender, most people have noticed the oddity of that situation (the women are chuckling at the turnabout).

What were the reasons for this? Was the ladies room much larger than the men's room? Did all the men have small bladders? Were the men drinking the coffee requiring an earlier pit stop (this one I could see as coffee stays in only so long)? Based on conversations I think I figured it out. First, it appears the male/female ratio of the class is nearly 2 to 1. It seemed roughly 50/50 to me at a glance, but a few people seem to have counted so I'll defer to their data. Twice as many guys means long lines. Second, based on what ladies have been saying, the layout of the women's room is better at getting waiting people in. They only have 3 stalls, but all are behind a wall and the ladies are able to congregate in the area with the sinks. The women have a line, but it is mostly inside the restroom itself (ah, traffic flow). For the guys, our space is all together and there is insufficient room to congregate.

This will be one detail we'll all chuckle about in 10 years.

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