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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Everyone Evacuated & No Boom

It was a cryptic email from my dad that didn't give much detail. The ancestral homestead neighborhood is having storm and waste sewers put in. Cranes, bulldozers, digging equipment, gravel, pipe, and whatnot is spread throughout the neighborhood. No matter how careful the construction crew has been casualties have occurred. One tree in a neighbor's yard was shredded when a crane bumped into it.

They had another accident, but this one was more serious. The digging crew hit a gas line damn near right in front of the parental casa. If something bad happened I'm sure they would have called or sent more information in the email. Turns out they were out to lunch at the time. Upon arriving home the fire chief's car was still parked in their driveway. The gas had been turned off (usually a good thing I would think) and it appears the dog slept through the entire event. Or maybe he took a nap after the gas guy turned off the gas at the meter.

I'm glad I didn't call over there to have dinner.

Last time the neighborhood had a gas explosion it blew out my neighbor's garage door (leak must have been from a gas dryer in the garage). I was using our garden hose to try to put out the fire. Was I worried about my safety? Heck no, the explosion already happened so all the gas has to have been already consumed. By the time those fire trucks arrived we already had the garage put out. The look on my neighbor's face when he arrived home was the most understated reaction I have ever seen.

So, do you think some negligence was involved with the company installing the sewers?

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