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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Boom, Big Boom!

With Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retiring who thinks the Senate will implode this summer when the confirmation hearings get going? What a shame the process has become so political. I wouldn't doubt some potential nominees saying, "screw that I'm not running that gauntlet of doom!"

For the Supreme Court I want legal brainiacs who are fair and just. I want justices that decide cases on the merit. I also want justices who are brief and to the point when writing their opinions (glaring at Scalia).

I know how to avoid the coming Armageddon and make some money for the federal government at the same time (pay per view is so useful at times). I'll give you some hints: President Bush on one side, Senator Teddy Kennedy on the other side, two lightsabers and one big cage.

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