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Monday, July 04, 2005

I LOVE The Smell Of Gunpowder In The Morning

Happy Birthday America! The lesson for today: remember Freedom is never free.

Today will actually be spent studying. Very little studying has occured this break. CAG and some of her friends were going down to the lake cottage again and she invited me up. What was supposed to an afternoon/evening visit was more an overnight and then some visit. What can I say, I like riding in boats, getting free food and free alcohol during these visits! I managed to get some sun to darken my pasty whiteness. The night was spent watching illegal fireworks go up across the lake, teaching CAG about auto racing (NASCAR isn't my thing, but I knew more about it than she did), chocolate martinis, cards, watching boats break the no-wake rules at night, and roaring campfires (the copper pipe in the middle produced a nice green flame).

At least my leg didn't whack CAG in the head this year on a tube. I just didn't want to end up in the lake again. We had so many people in the cottage I was on a rather narrow yet surprisingly comfy foldable cot and the CAG was on the couch. Between the dawns early light, her snoring, early boaters, her snoring, the partly ending only at 2:30 in the morning, her snoring I didn't get much sleep. I'm very jealous of people that can fall asleep within minutes and can sleep though almost anything. I require quiet and darkness. I'm hoping the people don't keep shooting off fireworks too late tonight.

Anyone else find it amusing when rednecks shoot roman candles at each other? Negligence is a wonderful thing to watch others do.

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