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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Road Trip Minor League Style!

This came up the other day: minor league ballparks. Indy isn't big enough for a major league baseball team, but we have one of, if not, the best minor league baseball park in the country. I've been invited to a game at Victory Field (the Vic) today actually. That was my study break. I have some out of town friends that live in cities with pretty good minor league parks.

I'm not really a fan of baseball, but I don't mind going to games. Maybe after the bar I can head up a few road trips to see a few games and friends. Anyone interested in a road trip?

Nice to see the Tribe manage to pull one out for once. Game tied in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, the batter is facing 3 balls and 1 strike with NO outs. One fastball later and you had a grand slam.

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