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Monday, July 12, 2004

Something Isn't Right Here!

Let me describe some of my activities these past few weeks. Usually 3 to 5 times a week I've been working out like a good boy. Usual workout consists of 3.2 miles on ski thingy, 2.3 miles on a elliptical stairmaster thingy, and a 1.25 mile run. Hey, 12 more miles and I'll be ready for the Mini-Marathon. Yes, this does take me over an hour and a half and the amount of sweat produced is amazing. Such conditioning has appeared to help me with my weekend warrior football game as I had surprising, to some, speed this Sunday and I'll usually win the battle of momentum. So how come I've gained 6lbs?

It better be all muscle damnit! Great, just what I need: MORE leg muscles! Below my waist everything is great, but if my upper body was built like my lower I would be in Hollywood making $100 million dollar summer blockbusters saying cheesy one-liners and blowing stuff up. I am the Brianator! I hate weight machines and free weights, but I might have to start using them a bit. Lifting a 26lb backpack (I weighed it last semester) shouldn't be all the upper body conditioning I get. Besides, you never know when I'll need to smack down an uppidty first year!

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