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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Milestone: Happy 3,000th

On July 4th was visitor 3,000 to Confessions. This collection of Brian's random thoughts is slowly becoming more popular. I wonder what will happen when I actively let a majority of my friends know this place even exists?

Confessions has come to serve a purpose that I didn't originally intend, yet is likely one of the most important things to me currently. Confessions allows me to be creative & artistic. Believe it or not I do take great care in the posts I craft. They are things of interest to me at that particular moment, or things that are of general importance to me, yet they are simply not posts that I create to just have something new online. Everything here has some purpose.

Confessions is like my massive travelogue emails and postcards whenever I go on a vacation. I'm taking you along with me on this ride. Buckle up now, you know I have a wild side to me!

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