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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Thank You Mom

I printed off my final today and my retired mother agreed to deliver it to school. I just didn't trust the mail. Once again I am WELL UNDER the page limits. Hopefully I eliminated lots of fluff and simply stated good reasoning. We shall see.

At least I can honestly say I am finished with school. At least for 6 weeks or so. I have earned my resprite from school.

I do love being employed. I'm earning money which is always a good thing. I grade 11th grade standardized math exams. As a temp job it isn't bad. I enjoy it to an extent. Once upon a time I was so good at math that I was a PHYSICS major. Grading this exams fires up long dead neurons in my brain. It's nice to work on something totally unrelated to the law.

Although some of these children I do fear for. Some do great work on the problems. Others do okay. Others struggle mightily, and others will be serving french fries to me in a few years. As a society we better start focusing on remedial education soon.

Luckily my mom didn't need to push me too hard in school. Others may have too. I can understand having difficulty with the slope of a line problem, but the inability to add 3,500 miles to a car odometer..oh boy!

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