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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

DNR Interview Went Well

I had my interview to be an intern for the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources today. It went great. The chief legal counsel is a pretty cool lady. Our school is so good to have as many programs as it does such as the Program in Law and State Government. This is one advantage of being in the capital city as opposed to that other institute in Bloomington.

Water, Soil Reclaimation, Forests, Nature Preserves, Oil and Gas, Fish and Wildlife, Historic Preservation and Archeology, Outdoor Recreation, State Parks...man they cover a lot! It does make me wish I had paid more attention in Administrative Law though. One perk that I'm looking forward to is going on field trips. Sometimes the lawyers and the administrative law judges go to where the issue is instead of being completely deskbound. I may need to keep a pair of hiking boots in my truck just in case.

The state government complex is only 2 blocks away from school so this will be an easy walk to and from those places. I also only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays in the fall so I can be very flexible about my internship. I can spend all day there so getting hours for this won't be a problem like it was for last semesters internship. The only downside, no office with big window for me as I go to cubeville again. Oh well. Here's to hoping the third year will be the best year!

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