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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Behind Blue Eyes

It's Father's Day today and suddenly there are many more fathers in my life. Up in Chicago last Saturday little Ian came into the world via Beatles loving tuba player and lawdog wife. This Friday little Anna comes into the world via the Slums of Geist. Within the past year there has been little Kylie and Samantha. Within the next month or two will be another two babies in my extended circle of friends. It is good to see a child brought into a loving two parent family. The excitement and joy brought about by this new generation brings a smile to my face.

I was asked recently if I wanted children someday and why? I answered yes. The why was simple. When I looked into the eyes of these new children I see ourselves and the way we want the world to be. Though the blue eyes of these tiny babies that I've held in my arms I see our potential of a better world.

Sadly many children have fathers that were simply a Male Genetic Donor. The one time the letters MGD is a bad thing. It's a shame on this beautiful sunny day that these MGDs are not truly a father. A shame that their own eyes won't see the wonder they helped create.

I find it amazing that I can experience my own duality between Friday and Saturday. One day I explore the darkness of alcohol induced personal destruction. The next I find a sunny world with a new life in my arms squinting at my own bespectacled blue eyes. It was a good reminder that there is light in the darkness; that there is hope that we may yet create a better tomorrow from the mistakes and triumphs of the past. It was a good reminder that we go on.

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