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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Confessions Of A Drunken Mind

I'm on my fourth beer and a margarita. I take no responsibility for any spelling errors that spellcheck fails to find. On the other hand I'm living up to my Harry's Chocolate Shop t-shirt logo: Beer Medic. Drink Them Healthy! Sadly it's a very false lie no matter how much I want it tonight.

Have you ever had a day, or a week, where so many things go wrong or enough bad things occur that you simply don't care at the end? That's been tonight, or possibly this entire week or month or so. There wasn't much time to study for the Sales final. I don't believe it was difficult, but you needed to be familiar with the material and know how to apply it. A six week summer class covers too much material in too short a time. You're really breezing through concepts and Uniform Commercial Code isn't the most exciting thing in the first place. In typical fashion the thunderous roar of keyboards clicked while I was jotting down a few notes in the bluebook. The staccato beat of the drums from IndyJazzFest simply added to the insanity of a final exam. NOTE TO THE SCHOOL: can you try to schedule finals around the Jazzfest in the future? After 2 hours or so I have a whopping two and a half pages of type written text. That included some space hogging math formulas. I'm so screwed. On the plus side, a 2 credit course will barely budge my GPA.

I should have looked at the artwork on the floor from the accounting students. I have friends in there and I would have looked for their stuff had I realized what it was. What did you come up with Kelly?

I'm trying to leave the building and discover the new class rankings are up. Would someone please knock me in the head next time? Frustrated and already depressed is no way to look at new rankings. I must be a sadist, or am I a masochist? I get them confused and the 5th beer isn't helping. Listening to someone complain about 100th of a point on their GPA makes me even more surly. At least I'm not on the third column where academic probation reigns. It's like a classmate said: D is for Diploma!

Why is it the harder you try the worse you fall?

Oh yes, back to the complaining 100th of a point. Law school is not an entitlement. Law School is not meant to be easy as it is supposed to weed out the weak. Yes, sometimes the rules change and it screws you over. That's life in general to be honest. Maybe you won't get on law review because of that 100th of a point? Maybe all three reviews will be screwed by going after the same small pool of applicants to staff themselves with? Who knows, but it'll be an interesting time for everyone. We survive through adversity and disappointment; in the end we slog through it because we have too. I'm simply thankful I got the chance to participate before the rules changed.

I know exactly what my problem is: I am burned out! I haven't stopped since the fall semester began. Winter Break wasn't a break as I didn't tons of school related things. Spring Break wasn't a break as I did tons of school related things. I went from the end of finals, finishing up two projects, and going directly to summer classes and looked for a job. Human beings can't continue on like that. The mind needs variety or else it'll close around itself. I need more variety than the library of Inlow Hall. When you can identify a chair by a specific squeak you have been there too much.

I need a vacation! I've come back as a new man from previous burnouts when I go exploring for a week. Perhaps I can save a little money from the job next week and go somewhere for a weekend before classes start up again. My mind must wander someplace new if only for a few days. That was the beauty of Bacharach last year. For about 2 days I'm by the River Rhine wondering through vineyards with nothing to do and away from computers, televisions, legal books, and discussions about the fate of the world. For two days I stopped, smelled the air and listened to the waves hit the shore. There are a few islands on Lake Eire that sound interesting. I'll check them out online.

I don't know if this is one of those introspective thoughtful posts that people like. Seems interesting to me, but I'll admit the beer goggles are the strongest I've had on in months. Bottle number 7 to be recycled in a few minutes for those playing the home game. As an aside, never look for the truth or revelations through the bottom of bottle. You're rarely find anything, and if you do find something you won't like it. Water and Tylenol sound like a good idea before bed. There's a helpful hangover tip for you all. Good night folks.

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