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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Good Movie: Bubba Ho-Tep

I wasn't going to have another post today but Kelly got me thinking about movies. It never got a distributor and it circulated among the art house circuit last year, but now Bubba Ho-Tep is out on DVD! It's a comedy horror staring Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness fame) as an aging Elvis stuck in a Texas nursing home dealing with his lost fame. Elvis' only friend is Ozzie Davis who thinks he is JFK. Yes I know Ozzie Davis is black, but it's explained in the movie. They dyed me this color! Elvis and JFK have to fight a soul sucking mummy wearing cowboy boots and hat.

I know it sounds stupid, but not only is it a funny movie it also has many poignant moments on what it means to be alive, relationships, fame, and misfortune. With Army of Darkness at an A+ of campy horror movies I give Bubba Ho-Tep a solid B. It did win many film festival awards, but it never got to a mass audience. Who wants movie night at my condo?

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