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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Fashion Advice From Brian

This will be the one and only time where I will scoop Lawren on something fashionable. However, this also falls under automotive tech so it saves my manliness quotient! Ladies, here is a fashionable, yet tough, handbag for you. It is the original Seatbelt Bag! It has a magnetic strap to keep things secure and the seatbelt material can "hold up to 2,000lbs of necessities." I don't think any person could fit that much in there, but hey you have to love the overkill. The threads even meet NASA specs.

I'll leave it up to the ladies to discuss which colors and designs they like.

PS: I found this by watching Autoweek on Speed Channel. Okay, there, I have kept my manliness intact!

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