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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Indy Cultural Tidbits: Strawberries, Arts, Wine, and Foreign Cultures

The post is a continuing series to remind ourselves as natives of this great city and to potential visitors that Indianapolis has lots to offer culturally.

A little earlier than normal, but some of the stuff has early bird discounts!
Why does EVERYTHING need to occur this weekend! I don't have the time or money to do ALL of these things.

Strawberry Festival on Monument Circle:
Given that Thursday will be a very hot day it'll be perfect time to get strawberry shortcake sundaes. Screw the diet as they're tasty and only $5. Come around lunch, but it starts in the morning and goes till 5 or 6pm.

Indianapolis Middle Eastern Festival
Hosted by St. George Orthadox Christian Church (remember when Istanbul was Constantinople?). If you order before Friday you get a discount. Friday afternoon and night and pretty much all day Saturday. This has all the details including where and how to get there. Oh, turn the sound down on your PC if you're at work as they have sound on the webpage. A little north of 38th and Sherman on the east side. Wow, check out how to get a free ticket if you buy one. Does anyone want Middle Eastern lunch/dinner Thursday? Music, dancing, food, gifts, Middle Eastern knicknacks, it all sounds like a fun time to me. Does anyone want to be my 'date' and come with me?

Italian Street Festival
Hosted by Holy Rosary Catholic Church on the east side of the Lilly Corporate Campus downtown. You can park in the Lilly lots. I did go to this last year and it was a good time. 520 Stevens St is a Mapquest away. You even get to see a processional of some kind at 6:45pm Saturday. The priests walked by and people were carrying crosses and statues. Pretty interesting to see. Don't go for the Italian beer though. Otherwise, be Italian for the day!

Talbott Street Art Fair
This is always big and it is this Saturday and Sunday. From the school take New York east, turn left (north) on Delaware. Go up to 16th St. Talbott St is the next street to the left, but it'll be blocked off. The fair goes from 16th to 19th Street on Talbott. Just circle around the relevant few blocks and you can get some parking somewhere. Good spot will likely be 3 or 4 blocks east on Alabama, but there are plenty of vacant lots that will be available. Ah hell, just follow directions and you'll be fine. Over 200 exhibitors so there is plenty to see.

Vintage Wine & Food Festival
Wine, wine, and more wine! Indiana has a small, though well respected wine industry. Sort of like Oregon's. Saturday only though. Held on Military Park just across the street from school. Ample parking on our parking lots. You'll likely see Prof. Cooper there. If I go I'll be passed out in a corner with a big grin on my face :)

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