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Monday, June 07, 2004

What A Ho That J.Lo.

Warning: this is purely my opinion. I am not claiming this is a published or broadcast false and defamatory statement which damages the reputation of an individual. There I should be safe from any libel suit; besides what kind of reputation does she have at this point?

When bookies are saying you'll be divorced by the end of the year and are provinding 3-1 odds that just isn't a good sign for J.Lo. and new hubby Marc Anthony. Dude, you gave up a former Miss Universe and lay nuputials with J.Lo in less than 2 weeks? If you want to put your schlong in a woman that isn't your wife, then either resist the urge (novel concept I know) or divorce her if you're not going to be faithful.

On the other hand since J.Lo. gets married at the drop of a hat I might might as well get a hazmat suit for when she gets to me in January of 2011. The math is holding well that she'll get to me if I'm single at that time. Oh wait a sec....Marc Anthony wasn't single when they courted. Non-factor for my equation I guess.

It is hard to proclaim the sanctity and tradition of marriage when you see this kind of behavior. Maybe gays should be allowed to marry; can they mess up marriage any worse?

PS: those same bookies are offering 14-1 odds that Bennifer will get back together by the end of the year. No more Gigle please!!!

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