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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

World Wide Attention!

I use the free version of Site Meter. Even with the free version it provides some interesting data. I've found blogs from classmates that I didn't even knew existed. I can find how others have found my blog using various search engines. FYI: Angel, Buffy, Fraiser, and bachelor parties were the biggest reasons to find my blog apparently.

It's also interesting to see where people are. The vast majority of traffic comes from Indiana. This makes sense as it is mostly law school classmates and a few other friends located in Indiana that know I have Confessions. There are significant hits from the eastern time zone, which surprises me a bit. The Pacific time zone isn't as surprising as I know a few people who comment here and on other blogs are based out a L&C School of Law in Oregon. The French/Germany timezone is a bit surprising, but we have several schoolmates in Europe right now. England, India, New Zealand appeared when I talk about Angel or Cult Shows. That's pretty impressive to me. The hit from the Ukraine! Where did that come from? Someone in the freaking Ukraine found my blog! Wow! Whoever you were, sir or madam, I hope you found Confessions to your liking!

I may not have the greatest amount of traffic but I get a wide variety! That is the nice thing about the internet, it can bring people together from anywhere. Except China as the pseudo-commies block blogger. So much for Heidi and Kyleen saying hi this summer.

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