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Friday, June 04, 2004

10 Unknowns About Brian

Okay, it seems to be the fashion to come up with lists of little known facts about oneself on the blogs. There is no way I'm coming up with 50 things, but I think I can manage 10. Hopefully you'll find this amusing:

1: I'm left handed. There are people that have known me over 10 years and didn't realize I was left handed until a few weeks ago.

2: The vertical scar along the veins of my wrist are NOT the result of an attempted suicide, but from a on-the-job accident with a utility knife. I was attempting to cut off a plastic strap to a IBM Thinkpad box and the knife slipped! I drove myself to the clinic and no stiches were used. Luckily my watchstrap covers up most of the scar so no one notices.

3: I never stepped into a church until I was 21 years old. A certain Catholic girlfriend got me to attend a Easter service with her. As I went through the portal I was convinced lightning would come out of the clear blue sky and strike me down.

4: Speaking of girlfriends, I became a part of my high school speech team because I was trying to flirt with a girl who was on it. I was waiting out in the hallway when she came out with the coach. She was shocked to find me lurking outside, the coach was curious who I was and after a few minutes he conned me into joining the team. Not too long after incident Jennifer and I had our first date.

5: I played tuba for 10 years and marched with it for 7 years, all 3 years of high school and all 4 years at Purdue. At my best I had a range of 3 octaves. Now I can't hit Cs and Ds half the time on a Bb warmup scale :(

6: I also played some baritone in high school for a second concert band. I didn't want to take study hall. The experiment with a trumpet in Gold And Black Sound failed miserably.

7: My hair would almost touch my shoulders in high school. However it kept curling up upon itself so it never quite reached.

8: Last band thing I promise, I have played the world's largest sousaphone, Bertha! Had it decorated with garland and battery operated Christmas lights for a TubaChristmas in Lafayette. The big girl sounds very sweet.

9: I have never owned a front wheel drive vehicle. I drove a 79 Jeep Cherokee with the 401 cubic inch V8 and 4 wheel drive. Then the 84 Ford Mustang with the 3.8 liter V6 and rear wheel drive. Currently it is the 94 Ford Ranger with the 2.3 liter I4 with rear wheel drive again.

10: The first two movies I remember seeing are Star Wars (no bloody enhanced version) and Superman! Given my young and fragile mind is it any wonder I am the way I am.

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