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Monday, June 21, 2004

Power Clothes

Summer school is over. *smile*
I have to admit there is one thing that I do miss about it. Often times I was reading, or blogging (d'oh), in our awesome Reading Room. As it's mostly glass I could look out upon the sidewalks and people watch. Many of my classmates have summer associate jobs this summer so they're dressed nicely in professional-type clothing. From my perch I could watch my nicely dressed female classmates in black skirts, tan powersuits, charcoal blazers, and assorted colorful blouses walk to class. OMG, I get to be in the company of highly intelligent women who also max out the babeolicious scale on a daily basis! Brains, beauty, and well-dressed is a deadly combination. Is my taste in women shifting or merely the taste in clothing?

Here's a question for my female readership: does a man in a good suit and tie have the same effect on you?

EDIT: I meant 'professional' in the lawyer/business sense, not in a East Washington St after hours sense! Geez some of you people are sick! I'm providing an illustrative sample below.

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