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Saturday, June 26, 2004

I'm Almost Tempted . . .

My front door was DIRTY! I finally got tired of all the grunge on it and I wanted to avoid my take home final for a few minutes. Between a good brush and a garden hose I figured I could get the worst of the dirt of my front portal. My front door is original to the building so it is a dark orange. Ugly, but a good landmark to guide people with. The garden hose not only got a few pounds of dirt off, but it also chipped some of the orange paint off. It appears I have a white door underneath it all. I'm almost tempted to borrow a power washer and see if I can hose off the rest of the ugly paint! The only downside is the plastic decorations appear to be a dull yellow plastic underneath the ugly orange paint.

Umm..I could always just pry those things off.

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