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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Try This One Starbucks!

Spent the last hour working on something real and it's just taking too long. And now for the lighter side.

I was in a hurry this morning and poured my coffee into a travel mug. I reached into the fridge and started pouring the 'milk' into my coffee. Imagine my surprise when I noticed my 'milk' was orange! Running late I decided to go with it. Who knows, perhaps orange juice and coffee is a good idea.

Perhaps orange flavored coffee is a good idea. Orange juice mixed with coffee is not! One sip convinced my of that. I got out to the MGR during my lunch break and decided to pour the contents out of my travel mug. The 'coffee' wasn't the interesting part. The orange slurry that exited at the end was the interesting part. I don't think we'll see this combo at Starbucks anytime soon.

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