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Friday, July 09, 2004

RIP Retro '80's

So 93.9 FM decides to change formats. All week they've been playing TV themes as a joke to keep us guessing what the format would become. I loved hearing Airwolf as I was taking a curvy road. 21 Jump Street was a cool show, but horrible theme song. Rawhide is a classic.

So at 6:45am 93.9 The Song was born. A family friendly and uplifting experience according to the promo. It is all crappy religious music. Please don't misunderstand me, many a great song has been inspired by religion or religious experiences. That is fine. Rockified hymnals on the other hand are never good. If I want to listen to church music I would go to church! After listening for 10 minutes I was nearing a sugary sweet induced coma and I reached for the CD player with Limp Bizket loaded in as an antidote. Thank you lord for angst and power riffs!

I have to wonder what numb-nutted, ass-munch, shit for brains moron in the Emmis empire decided that this was a good programming change idea? Luckily under the Business Judgment Rule management can't be sued for bad decisions unless they are really off the wall. This might be close. Jesus channels are usually reserved for low wattage stations because they aren't that popular.

Sadly there is nothing between 93.1 and 94.7FM that I can reprogram my preset button to. Man I hate wasting a button!

EDIT 7-10-2004: Whoops. The Emmis Communications empire doesn't own 93.9FM. They're owned by some group called Susquehanna. I figured I made a mistake when I drove by their studios this evening as that building is only a mile up the road from me. I didn't think Emmis would make such a bone-head manuever so I'm pleasantly surprised. I didn't think CEO Jeff Smulyan, former Seattle Mariners owner btw, would be goofy.

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